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This document outlines what constitutes acceptable use of the web site, it’s associated web services, and server infrastructure. It also covers our content moderation policy and what you can expect regarding performance and availability. If you have questions about what you are legally permitted to do with content found on this web site. Access This […]

Lighting Kitchen Illuminating Tips

Think you have the perfect kitchen.Have you wanted the cabinets, these latest appliances that combine so well, the appropriate counter, the floor, the walls of the perfect color, etc. It is quite common to pay much attention to all aspects that I commented earlier, but not give much importance to the kitchen lighting. And it’s […]

Building or Remodeling? Opt for One of These Eco-Friendly Flooring Materials

Homeowners are increasingly opting for eco-friendly building materials due to the large body of research that highlights the negative effects that synthetic materials have on the environment and on human health. Synthetic floors, such as vinyl and wood composites, off-gas volatile organic compounds into your home’s air long after they’re installed, and they take enormous […]