Think you have the perfect kitchen.Have you wanted the cabinets, these latest appliances that combine so well, the appropriate counter, the floor, the walls of the perfect color, etc.
It is quite common to pay much attention to all aspects that I commented earlier, but not give much importance to the kitchen lighting. And it’s much more important than it may seem, I assure you. Proper lighting can give a big boost to the decor of the kitchen, and a wrong may be a handicap for it.

Lighting Plan from the Beginning

As we say the kitchen lighting is essential in decorating it. Light usually has the ability to transform the environment and make everything look bigger and brighter. And that feeling in the kitchen is very important.


When it comes to creating and illuminate a kitchen, the first thing you have to do is plan ahead each of the stages of design. Take time to consider the needs you will have in the kitchen and you’ll avoid mistakes that would be very difficult to correct later.
Think about the location of the light sources and intensity of these is as important as the choice of soil or color and style of furniture. Remember it is just as important and can make or break a design.Different lights for each kitchen area
Remember that the kitchen is divided into three main areas: the washing, the cooking area and storage area.
The area of the three must be better illuminated is the cooking area, because it is here where we cook and where we need to be more vigilant. This area is important to illuminate with direct light.

The storage area is where we place the refrigerator, freezer, etc. This area is important because we need to either all stored products, but do not need the light to be excessive. Use small spotlights on the hottest spots, but do not need all the light is direct.
The washing area is the least direct light needs. In this area, sink, dishwasher, trash, washing machine, etc. is located This area can be illuminated with indirect lighting perfectly.Regulates the points of light. Similar to event correlation engine that they use.
As ever we are talking about direct light and indirect light. It is best that the different points of light are regulated to turn on each other depending on the specific needs or receive natural light from outside.
This is another aspect that you have to be very aware of when designing a kitchen because is very easy to start planning where the lights go, and hide the cables, what type of fixtures use, etc.

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