I have been quite busy furnishing my new home with the touches you might expect to find in a house many decades older. I’m into antique hutches, end tables that have seen better days and artwork in heavy, gilded frames. What I’m especially curious about are chests and dressers. These gems have two things in common: They are heavy enough that it takes a whole team of people to move them (old furniture was built to last!) and they are covered with layer after layer of paint.

Paint removal 101

Anyone who has dealt with old houses knows the issues with paint. I’ve struggled to get paint off the windows and floors of almost every house I have owned, and I’ve seriously considered giving in and buying replacement windows rather than go through the scraping routine one more time.
An imaginative design for a tiny apartment makes a small studio open and airy with the apparent scale of a much larger space.The stairs to the mezzanine sleeping, bathing and work space upstairs manages to look like a sculpture.

One key to the versatility of the space is the sliding wall seen here.

These can separate off the TV room either from the kitchen, or from the living room space.

When they are open, the entire space is seen.

Upstairs, the top sections of what appear to be a dark grey rusticated steel artwork above opens to reveal what seems to be a spacious workspace.

When closed off, seen together with the spacious kitchen bench, the illusion of a much larger apartment is created.

Despite the tiny space, there is no attempt to skimp on the giant kitchen.

We can’t pronounce this artist’s name, but we sure as heck know we love her work. Based in Austin, Texas, she’s somehow managed to create strikingly minimal, abstract art that is so very wonderful to the soul.  Uses organic, abstract shapes and layers color on top of color to create really beautiful, oddly shaped compositions.

When spotted an old barn being torn down and buried in a farmer’s field in Winchester about a year and a half ago, was heartbroken. But heartbreak quickly led to inspiration and a new, promising career was literally born out of the ruins.

While the trend may be somewhat new and even more, it has already taken, manager of the reclaimed wood division.

Water is an essential of life and the focus of Oceania tubs.

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